The Adventure’s of Indiana Jones (1992/1993) – Love’s Sweet Song

Indiana Jones (Sean Patrick Flanery) sets out from Mexico on the next leg of his adventure that would see him embroiled in the Great War. Love’s Sweet Song was released on 12 July, 2000 and was cobbled together from two episodes that see Indy travelling to Ireland and then England before heading to War.

Ireland, April 1916

Written by Jonathan Hales this episode originally aired on 12 June, 1993. Indy and Remy (Ronny Coutteure)arrive on a steamship in Ireland, after having been caught as stowaways.

Working to earn their ticket to London Indy and Remy end up working in a bar, and end up witnesses to the Easter Rebellion

Young Indy meets playwright Sean O’Casey (John Lynch) and meets the attractive Maggie Lemass (Susannah Doyle) who only sees Indy as a rich American man who will indulge her every wish for gifts and attention.

While the pair struggle to make ends meet and buy their tickets, Indy learns about the Irish struggle, even as the War carries on in Europe.

Once again, the story marries actual events with Indiana Jones canon, and despite the fact that Indy has an eye for the ladies, even he is pretty quick to realise that Maggie isn’t the one for him, and is little more than a child in the way she sees love.

As the Easter Rebellion erupts around him, Indy faces the fact that war is a terrible thing. But it doesn’t sway him, nor Remy from their decisions to do what they believe is right.


London, May 1916

Indy enlists, alongside Remy in the Belgian army as one Henri Defense. The story was written by Rosemary Anne Sisson and first aired on 11 March, 1992.

This time around real love strikes when he meets Vicky Prentiss (Elizabeth Hurley) on his arrival in London. Vicky works on the buses and talks about the Suffragettes. Indy is initially intrigued just by the stunning Vicky, but soon finds a worthy cause not just for himself but for society as a whole.

Watching their relationship blossom on screen is wonderfully done, and there’s some delightful chemistry between Flanery and Hurley. Vicky isn’t impressed by all of Indy’s claims, no matter how true, and they match together wonderfully.

The episode features a turn by Vanessa Redgrave as Vicky’s mother, who was imprisoned for her actions as a Suffragettes. Once again the series shines a light on parts of history that had a profound impact on society, and still do.

We also get a chance to check in with Mrs. Seymour (Margaret Tyzack), when Indy goes to see her before he sets off, as well as dinner party which sees Winston Churchill (Julian Fellowes) as a guest.

The episode’s climax is heartbreaking as Vicky rebuffs Indy’s proposal of marriage. She has no intention of being a war widow, and wants a life of her own. It’s beautiful, tragic and wonderfully played out helping define Indiana’s arc over the course of the series.

Next Wednesday we move on to the next adventure when Indy and Remy as they enter the Trenches of Hell.


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