The Mind Reels now has a Patreon page!

What this means, basically, is that we are trying to fund some of the expenses we’ve been paying out of pocket, to hopefully grow and expand the blog and podcast all the more!

We also want to give you – our fans and friends – a chance to become somewhat more involved with the regular production of the show!  We want you to have the opportunity to allow for more interaction as we move forward, both with us and with our guests!

Sponsorship tiers begin at just $1 per month, increasing at regular intervals up to $15 per month, and for each level, there are more and more rewards coming your way each month, as well!  Things from having your name listed here as an official Patron of The Mind Reels (for sponsorship tiers of $2 per month and up) all the way up to helping us choose which radio play script to read next, you (or someone of your choosing) being named as an official presenter of one episode per month, or the top tier which includes unlimited access to the full footage of episodes shot in the studio, as opposed to just the abridged versions which get posted online for the public!

To be clear, our podcast and blog content will always be free.  But the time and costs associated with producing it all on a regular basis add up quickly, and we wanted to try and offset some of that while also being able to make you a larger part of our process as we go!

So go on over to today, and let’s see how much faster we can grow and succeed together, as a team!

An enormous THANK YOU to our amazing Patrons!!!

Steve Craig

Audrey Eraud

Anthony Grani

Mary Krohnert

Merja Mansner

Suzanne Metaxas

Becky Van Jetzer

FIRST MONTH PROMOTION:  All Patrons who successfully pledge at the $5 tier and above, between September 1 – to Sept 30, 2016, will be entered into a draw to win a signed script from one of our first five radio plays!  Up to five winners will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible Patrons.  The draw will be held early in October, once the first month’s payments have been processed.  Odds of winning depend upon the number of entries received.

Episode 1 – Superman           Rainbow Sun Francks, Natalie Krill, Elizabeth Whitmere

Episode 2 – Sherlock Holmes     Gabe Grey, Kristian Bruun, Noah Danby, Rainbow Sun Francks

Episode 3 – Canterville Ghost     Kevin Hanchard, Josh Vokey, Mike Donis, Emily Schooley, Rainbow Sun Francks

Episode 4 – Flash Gordon     Jessica Grecco, Zoe de Grand’Maison, Charlotte Hegele

Episode 5 – Ellery Queen     Noah Danby, Jessica Grecco, Charlotte Hegele, Gabe Grey, Alysa King