Interviews and Set Visits

What should you expect if we ask for an interview or ask for a set visit?

Well let me tell you…

When it comes to our interviews, if you haven’t heard one already, Sue and I go for the more conversational approach. Most people we chat to have been asked the typical questions dozens if not hundreds of times, and we think it’s much more fun, for our guest, us, and the listener if we just have a chat with them instead.

It fosters a more relaxed environment, and we feel a much more fun one as well, perhaps giving you a more intimate look at our subject, and a lot of them have great stories they just want to share. It makes for a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved.

For set visits however, it’s almost the reverse, we’re quiet, pensive, and tend to take a lot of notes, because once again, it’s about the experience. We want to see, and document what goes on behind the scenes, we always understand that the set is a place of work, it may be wonderful and marvelous for us to be there, but first and foremost, we’re professionals. We try not to intrude on the actors, much happier to simply watch them work, unless they wish to chat with us and then of course we’re eager to talk. Not to mention wanting to chat to those behind the camera as well, because it’s everyone who makes the show/film that interests us, not just those people on the screen.

We quietly keep to ourselves, help out if asked, and document everything to share with our readers and listeners later.


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