Awards season is in full swing, and that means that it’s time for another bout of Reelie Awards!!!

We’ll be doing things a bit differently this year, as things have been hectic so we’re getting going a little later than intended.  This year, all of the categories will focus on Canadian television series, and there will only be ONE ROUND of voting per category!  But the spirit of the Reelies shall remain – that the winners are chosen by the fans!  Let’s make this the true People’s Choice Awards of Canadian TV!

The first round will open up soon, so get ready to cast your votes for your favourite TV series of 2016!!!

  • The Mind Reels April 3, 2017


And the Reelie goes to…


Favourite Film

Big New From Grand Rock



Full Out

How To Plan An Orgy In A Small Town

Hyena Road

The Rainbow Kid

Relative Happiness


Sleeping Giant

The Witch

Favourite Director – Film

Andrew Cividino – Sleeping Giant

April Mullen – 88

Atom Egoyan – Remember

Daniel Perlmutter – Big News From Grand Rock

Deepa Mehta – Beeba Boys

Jeremy Lalonde – How To Plan An Orgy In A Small Town

Jon Cassar – Forsaken

Kire Kaputts – The Rainbow Kid

Kyle Rideout – Eadweard

Paul Gross – Hyena Road

Sean Cisterna – Full Out

Favourite Actor – Film

Aaron Ashmore

Donald Sutherland

Dov Tiefenbach

Dylan Harman

Ennis Esmer

Gabe Grey

Gordon Pinsent

Jacob Tremblay

Julian Richings

Kevin Durand

Kiefer Sutherland

Kris Holden-Reid

Kristian Bruun

Mark O’Brien

Michael Eklund

Peter Keleghan

Rossif Sutherland

Favourite Actress – Film

Amanda Brugel

Ana Golja

Arwen Humphreys

Carrie-Anne Moss

Ellen Page

Jewel Staite

Katie Boland

Lauren Lee Smith

Mary Krohnert

Sara Canning

Tatiana Maslany

Tommie-Amber Pirie

Zoie Palmer

Favourite TV Series


Dark Matter


Lost Girl

Murdoch Mysteries

Orphan Black

Rookie Blue

This Life


Favourite Actor – Television

Billy MacLellan

Greg Bryk

Hugh Dillon

Jonny Harris

Lucas Bryant

Peter Keleghan

Yannick Bisson

Favourite Actress – Television

Anna Silk

Arwen Humphreys

Georgina Reilly

Helene Joy

Laura Vandervoort

Tamsen McDonough

Zoie Palmer

Favourite Group Cast – Television


Dark Matter


Lost Girl

Murdoch Mysteries

Rookie Blue




Announcing the Reelie Awards!!! Hosted by the Guinness World Record-holding Mind Reels, the Reelies are the Canadian equivalent of the People’s Choice Awards, and will feature nominees and award categories celebrating Canadian film and television, as chosen by YOU, the viewers and fans!

As this is the first year for the Reelies, we’re going to keep the number of categories low and generalized, but look to expand to include more options in future incarnations. To start, we’re even going to let YOU choose who the nominees will be in each category!

The ground rules are pretty basic and general:

  1. The series or film must be shot in Canada on a regular basis.
  2. The nominees must be Canadian in individual categories, and in television series or film categories, the majority of the cast should be Canadian.
  3. You can vote as often as you want in each category, and you can vote for different nominees each time, if you wish. You do NOT have to be Canadian to vote.
  4. The nominees in all categories must be chosen based on their production in 2015 – be it a season, a release date, or an individual performance.
  5. The Mind Reels will compile a list of the top nominees in each category and begin the voting process, which will go in two rounds until the winners in each category are determined. There will be a special live episode of The Mind Reels to announce the final winners, and that episode will also be posted on YouTube after the fact for everyone to view. As well, a write-up of the final results will be added to the main site.

The nomination round will work solely via email. You can nominate different people in the same categories, but you must send a different email for each one. As well, you can nominate your favourites as many times as you want, to ensure they make the cut, but again, you must send a separate email each time. You do not need to include a nominee for each category.

Please send your nominations to, include 2015 NOMINATIONS in the subject line, and use the following category form by copying and pasting it into the body of your email:

Television Categories

Favourite TV Series:

Favourite TV Actor:

Favourite TV Actress:

Favourite TV Series Group Cast:

Film Categories

Favourite Film:

Favourite Film Director:

Favourite Film Actor:

Favourite Film Actress:

The deadline for sending in your nominations is November 30, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. The first round of voting for each category will begin shortly after, and further details about the voting process will be announced at that time.

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