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Bomb Girls – The Final Episode…

I’ve written about Bomb Girls since it started. Sue and I have interviewed Meg Tilly, Jodi Balfour, Charlotte Hegele, Ali Liebert, Michael Seater, Janis Lundman, Adrienne Mitchell, and Michael MacLennan. I’ve let these people and their creations into my life, and if I’m completely honest, into my heart. We’ve only spoken to them briefly, shared … Continue reading

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Back Alley Films

We love Bomb Girls here at The Mind Reels, and we’ve been very lucky to interview a number of the creative folks who have been involved with it, Jodi Balfour, Ali Liebert, Charlotte Hegele, Meg Tilly, and Michael MacLennan. Now we can add two more wonderful people to that roster – co-creator/co-show runner/producer¬†of the series … Continue reading