Bomb Girls Letter

When we heard Bomb Girls was in jeopardy, both Sue and I, and countless fans all over the world rallied to their defense, to battle our own war, dreaming that we too could do our part!
Petitions have sprung up everywhere, asking for signatures, impassioned pleas to those that could give us more of this beautifully Canadian show, that has resonated with people around the world.
I rallied off a volley of my own with the following letter, please, tell the folks we want more! They have since agreed to a two-hour movie to tie up loose ends, but the war has barely begun for our characters, and what happens to them after the war, with the seeds now sown for women’s rights and equal pay…
Good Morning!
It is of paramount importance that you continue to fund and produce Bomb Girls, not only does it illuminate a part of our incredibly important past, which not as many of us know about as we should, it continues to present women in strong roles.
Despite the fact we are now living in the 21st century, strong women characters aren’t as prevalent in modern media as they should be, and this show does that on a week to week basis while exploring themes and ideas that continue to be relevant in today’s society, but able to be viewed through a historical context.
We at The Mind Reels have had a very happy relationship with the producing and creative sides of Bomb Girls ( , and know from personal interaction that there are more stories to tell in this inherently Canadian piece of programming.
This is a show that should not be on the verge of cancellation but seen as an ambassador not just for our television properties but for our nation.
It has shown our faults, our uniqueness and our wonderful drive.
I urge to do your part to make sure that you see that the show is continued, there are more stories to tell, and we are only just beginning.
Do your part, and keep it on the air!
Timothy D. Rideout
The Mind Reels

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