Back Alley Films

We love Bomb Girls here at The Mind Reels, and we’ve been very lucky to interview a number of the creative folks who have been involved with it, Jodi Balfour, Ali Liebert, Charlotte Hegele, Meg Tilly, and Michael MacLennan. Now we can add two more wonderful people to that roster – co-creator/co-show runner/producer of the series Adrienne Mitchell, as well as a director of two of the episodes (1 & 2) and series producer Janis Lundman, who together form Back Alley Films, which has also brought us Drop The Beat and Durham County.

We put the Skype conference call to work, so there may be a bit of a scratch to the sound, but it’s well worth listening to, and it’s wonderful to hear the passion that exists for this show both in front of and behind the camera.

And if you missed the first run of the series, or just want to revisit it, Showcase is going to be airing it again starting May 29th at 6pm!

But until then, listen to our chat with the wonderful minds at Back Alley Films.

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