Bomb Girls S02E11 – Kings and Pawns


At this point, I am so glad I am a week behind on catching up on Bomb Girls, because currently, I am not ready to watch the final episode and say goodbye to the girls until who knows when. So knowing that I currently have one more episode to get through delights me to no end, because I know it will wreck me.

Heck this episode did that. Any time Betty (Ali Liebert) got misty-eyed in this episode I just about lost it. Because I want all of our girls to be happy, I know that we’re leaving them soon, and I need to know that they’ll be ok.

To clarify, I know they are fictional characters, but I am that attached to them!

aliSeeing Betty deal with the loss of Theresa (Rachel Wilson), when the lovely soldier gets posted to Newfoundland following a submarine attack. That hurt. Her passion, her sheer ecstasy at being able to be who she is with Theresa is ripped away from her, and it spills out and causes problems at Vic Mu just as she’s put in charge of the line.

But it also spoke to what this episode had at its core this week, passions and deceptions.

Passions seem to rule the day in this episode, Lorna (Meg Tilly) flirts dangerously with trouble again, not intentionally by any stretch of the imagination, she simply finds a delight in dancing and that delight begins to spill over into the potential for another extra-marital affair. With a well-timed postcard from Bob (Peter Outerbridge) and subtle warnings from Reggie (Jasmine Richards), she is able to pull herself back.

Kate (Charlotte Hegele) is practicing some deception as the passion between her and Ivan (Michael Seater) comes to a head with an official announcement in the paper of their engagement, and she’s had to construct an entirely fake family life for herself, one you know and I know will come tumbling down soon enough.

charlotteGladys (Jodi Balfour) so passionate and ready to help in the war effort any way she cans is asked by Clifford (Tahmoh Penikett) to investigate Marco (Antonio Cupo) and practices deceit by using her to betray her friends. I have never trusted this character, and if he’s on ‘our’ side, he still strikes me as just wrong.

And then there is poor Marco and Vera (Anastasia Phillips), they are so good for each other, there is passion there, and the potential for real love, but Vera is beginning to suspect thanks to Gladys, that Marco is keeping secrets from her and he may well be on his way to trouble.

She’s right of course, after his mother’s ousting from a Witham Foods grocers he gets involved in an assault and robbery, and his less than reputable friend Frank (Pascal Petardi) is slowly indoctrinating him into a fascist group.

Our hearts follow their passions, but oft-times they will play deceit as well as love, hurting us as much as the ones we long not to, and there is going to be some serious heartbreak coming our way in the final episode…

But please, I’m not ready for it.

I don’t want to say goodbye yet.

I don’t want to leave Vic Mu, nor leave those wonderfully strong and beautiful women, characters and actors. Characters who I’ve welcomed into my life week after week, and actors and creators who have welcomed Sue and I into theirs.

Don’t make me say it yet….

Ali, Jodi, Charlotte, Meg, Michael S., Michael M., Peter, Anastasia, Antonio, Jasmine, Gabe, Natasha, Janis, Adrienne, Richard, Tahmoh I can’t begin to thank you enough for what you have not only given me, but Canadian television and by extension the world. You have crafted something to be celebrated, and loved, and you will forgive me if I don’t make my farewells to you or your creations yet.

Love you all.


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