The Green Slime (1968) – Kinji Fukasaku

The next title in DK Canada’s Monsters in the Movies book may not be the best film in the book, but man did I have fun with it as I encounter more Alien Monsters!

Filled with model work and special effects that seem more akin to the 50s than the late 60s, the story covers the plot of Micheal Bay’s Armageddon in the first twenty minutes before bringing back an alien life form to an orbiting space station.

The team, led by Commander Jack Rankin (Robert Horton) is sent to a remote asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth. He’s joined by a former colleague, and not quite friend, Vince Elliott (Richard Jaeckel), who works aboard the station and is involved with Dr. Lisa Benson (Luciana Paluzzi), who also has a history with Rankin.

But don’t worry too much about the personal dynamics, it’s more enjoyable to simply watch the not so special effects as they land on the asteroid, destroy it and bring back some sentient green slime that evolves into a one-eyed tentacle man in a suit (which is very recognisable in and of itself – though I had never seen the film before).

Can they stop the creature before it destroys the station? And what will happen if it gets to Earth?

This was just a delight to watch. It’s so bad, so scientifically inaccurate, that it swings around to being cheesy goodness. I sat, and chuckled my way through it, laughing at the non-science, the lack of intelligent script writing, and those models!

It’s just so goofy you can’t help but, in some small measure, to be charmed by it.

And then you throw Paluzzi in there, who I had never seen in anything other than Thunderball, and you have even more of a curiosity factor. It’s an interesting watch. A Japanese production with an English speaking cast, this one is definitely an oddity.

The (blatant) model work has an earnestness to it that you can help but be charmed by its naivete, and are perhaps the most enjoyable moments in an film that otherwise is just silly, but what a poster!

Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself, you can find it, and its interesting title tune, on YouTube.

And there are more alien menaces to come, as I delve even further into DK Books’ highly enjoyable Monsters in the Movies. Pick up a copy today, and find something monstrous to watch.

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