Star Wars: Rebels (2017) – Kindred, Crawler Comandeers, and Rebel Assault

The battle for Lothal continues in Kindred. Written by Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy, this episode first debuted on 6 November, 2017. Ezra (Taylor Gray) has a problem, he seems to have unwittingly led the Imperials to the hidden base on Lothal, causing a desperate scramble to escape. In fact the Imperials are led by another character/species imported from the original Expanded Universe, Rukh the Noghri.

Before they go their separate ways, Kanan (Freddie Prinze jr.) and Hera (Vanessa Marshall) finally share a long awaited tender moment, that all the crew seems as happy as the viewer that it finally occurred.

Hera takes the Ghost in a desperate gamble to get back to the rebel base on Yavin 4 to deliver the information they’ve gathered on the TIE Defender, while the rest of the team stay, and try to find a way to escape, and fight back.

They discover an unlikely ally, the loth-wolves, who, apparently, have a very strong connection to the Force, and perhaps to Kanan as well. There is a mystical element at play here as the wolves help them escape their pursuit, and our heroes end up half a hemisphere away!

It has some great action beats, a long overdue emotional one, and an interesting revelation with the wolves. The last half of the final season is going to be a corker, I have no doubt.

Crawler Commandeers was written by Matt Michnovetz and first aired on 6 November, 2017.

While Hera, on Yavin 4 attempts to convince Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly), Bail Organa (Phil LaMarr) and General Dodonna (Micheal Bell) that they must lead an attack on Lothal to destroy the TIE Defenders being built there, Ezra and the rest attempt to find a way to get in contact with her.

They discover an ore processing mobile factory that has a transmitter and may, if they’re luck, help in their own planned attack. They just need to commandeer it first.

They run into trouble here, as not only are the imperials alerted that something is wrong, but the trandoshan foreman is putting up more of a fight than they expected.

It’s a fast-moving tale with lots of action beats, a few laugh out loud moments, and a plot that, while fun, also advances the overall season plot, as the battle for Lothal is about to get into high gear – something that is confirmed when Hera finally hears from Ezra and the rest, and relates to them that a rebel attack force is on the way to Lothal…

Rebel Assault, written by Filoni and Steven Melching debuted on 13 November, 2017 and follows the attack Hera leads against the forces of Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen). But when things go wrong, she’s going to have to find a way to escape and survive!

The opening seven minutes of this episode features some brilliant space battles, with x-wings, TIEs, and Star Destroyers, and while the attack force scores a victory in getting past the barricade, all of them, including Hera are shot down upon entering the atmosphere, leaving their target, the Defender factory, untouched.

Kanan rushes to the city centre to help Hera but his journey is interrupted by a pack of loth-wolves who call him to a higher purpose.

Meanwhile, as she creeps through the city with her droid, Chopper (Filoni) at her side, Hera finds herself in conflict with not only the usual Imperial forces, but with Rukh as well.

The episode leaves us worrying about what happens next as Kanan reveals he knows what they can do, even as Hera is captured.

I love this episode, it just goes, and doesn’t let up once.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week, when I delve into another trio of episodes of Star Wars: Rebels. Until then, may the Force be with you…

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