Fan Expo 2019 – It’s Almost Time

It’s hard to believe that the summer is drawing to a close. Here in Toronto that means the CNE, more barbecues, more patio time, and for geeks of all walks of life and fandoms Fan Expo.

Housed in the sprawling Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and occupying both North and South buildings, the Expo is always a celebration of a multitude of genres and fans.

It’s had to decide what I am most excited for, the guests, their photo-ops, their panels (man I’d love to host one of them!), the events, the booths, the hunt for comics, cool tees, vintage toys, new toys, or the cosplayers.

There is so much to see and do, the schedule is packed with fun things, and I for one am ready to tackle it!


Capadli, Levi, Travolta, Goldblum, Fraser, Campbell, Urban, Frakes, Farrow, Olmos, Young, Crosby, Vandervoort, Weller, Astin, Feldman, Kim’s Convenience, Corner Gas, so many more… it’s a stunning line up!

I’ve got my list of need it comics that I’m hunting for to complete my collection, a couple of posters that I’d like to find, and an eagerness to see what is tucked away in each and every booth.

We’ll have a multitude of friends there promoting their films, their wares, and their fandoms, and it is going to be so much damned fun!

Every year I promise myself that I’m going to take more pics, and get lots of cosplayers. That is my determination again this year! Let’s see how many selfies I can post with all the amazing people in their costumes!

I love Fan Expo. There have been a couple years where it takes a bit to get my geek groove on, but this year, it’s ready and raring to go… I cannot wait to see what wonders Fan Expo has for me this year.

It’s going to be amazing! Get your tickets now (if you haven’t) and I’ll see you there… hey! Let’s take a selfie together!

FXC 19 - Community Partners social push creative-1170x480


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