Moonlighting (1985) – The Lady in the Iron Mask, and Money Talks… Maddie Walks

Roger Director pens the first episode up this week. It originally aired on 1 October, 1985, and finds David (Bruce Willis) and Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) taking on a very strange case that gets them, and the Blue Moon Detective Agency, tangled up in murder, yet again.

When a woman, Barbara Wylie (Judith Hansen) wearing a mask to hide her face comes to the Agency (which is having some morale problems), she wants to hire Maddie and David to find her former lover, Frank Harbert (Joel Polis) – and the reason she has to wear the mask. They jump on the case, and track him down…

… but he ends up murdered. The prime suspect? The Lady in the Iron Mask.

Barbara claims that Frank threw a vial of acid in her face ruining her face, throat and voice. That’s motive. But she claims she still loves him, and married the wrong man.

So who’s behind it?

You can be guaranteed Blue Moon will find out, but it’s an odd journey, the confessions and the stories of both Barbara and Frank are creepy and unnerving, and the truth…

The episode is smarter than some would give it credit for, but there are nods to Hitchcock and De Palma right down to the musical score.

I’d say the series is starting to really find its feet, and this one races towards a hilarious climax as Maddie and David decide to resolve the case separately – they feel they don’t make good partners, and they plan to show the other up.

Lots of fun!


Money Talks… Maddie Walks was written by Kerry Ehrin and Ali Marie Matheson. It first aired on 8 October, 1985, and sees Maddie learn where her accountant, Ron Sawyer (Mark Lonow) who swindled her out of all of her money is…

… in a casino in Buenos Aires, South America. In fact, Sawyer built the casino with her money.

She’s determined to go, and leaves without David, but of course, he’ll end up on the next flight, and the pair will try to take on the house, and hopefully win Maddie’s life back. As they start high rolling, there’s some nice banter and chemistry arising between the pair.

But when they get into a high stakes card game with Sawyer, will Maddie know when to walk away? And if they lose everything will that include the Agency, or will the duo be able to figure out how to get along and get by?

The episode also features DeBarge’s You Wear It Well as Maddie preps for and cruises the casino. The series is really starting to get it together and really hook me.

The casework continues next week with more investigations from the Blue Moon Detective Agency as I watch Moonlighting.



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