The Mind Reels at the CBC Winter Media Day

Winter Media Day at the CBC always tends to be a good time, as we get to catch up with friends new and old both in front of the camera and behind it, as we pal around with fellow bloggers, writers and talent. As the CBC got ready to roll out the new and returning…

Fan Expo 2019

Somehow just like that, Fan Expo, in its 25th year is over. Packed with a plethora of guests the four day event was filled with fans, booths, collectibles, tees, and a fandom moment for everyone. I was totally eager to see how things played out this year, spending time with friends new and old, and…

Fan Expo 2019 – It’s Almost Time

It’s hard to believe that the summer is drawing to a close. Here in Toronto that means the CNE, more barbecues, more patio time, and for geeks of all walks of life and fandoms Fan Expo. Housed in the sprawling Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and occupying both North and South buildings, the Expo is always…

DK Canada at Fan Expo 2019

Every one who visits this site knows I’ve raved about the gorgeous collection of books that DK Canada has in their library, and I love that they are bringing their passionate love of pop culture with them with a wealth of boos to entertain all readers. There are a number of great books to be…

The Canadian Screen Awards Red Carpet

The Canadian Screen Awards were last weekend, and Sue and I had a great time catching up with friends, and new folk alike. Below is the collection of interviews we garnered on the red carpet. Check it out!

CBC’s Coroner Cast Chat

Coroner premieres tomorrow on CBC, and Sue and I had a chance to chat with the cast of the new series, Serinda Swan and Roger Cross…

Ole Timey Radio Presents: The Giant’s Stair

The Giant’s Stair Original Broadcast: December 1, 1938 Starring: JULIAN RICHINGS (imdb: Twitter: @JulianRichings) JESSICA GRECO (imdb: Twitter: @TheJessicaGreco) EMILY SCHOOLEY (imdb: Twitter: @EmilySchooley) For video version: For extra content, become a Mind Reels Patron today!

Fan Expo 2018: An Exploration of Fandom, Age,and Being a Geek

There are few things that portend the end of summer for me more than Toronto’s Fan Expo, falling around the Labor Day Weekend it is one last big sendup and celebration of countless fandoms. And this year Expo made sure to pull out all the stops, there were celebrities and panels, parties and purchases that…

Ole Timey Radio Presents: Sherlock Holmes – The Adventure of the Tolling Bell

  Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Tolling Bell Original Broadcast Date: April 7, 1947 Starring: KEVIN HANCHARD (imdb: Twitter: @KevinHanchard) JOSH VOKEY (imdb: Twitter: @joshvokey) For video version: For extra content, become a Mind Reels Patron today!  

It’s All Geek To Me – Star Wars #1

  The Mind Reels is trying something new!  We’ve created a section of our podcast called It’s All Geek To Me!  We’ll be hosting various panel discussions on all the things we love, and include a roundtable of very special guests for each topic! Our first such panel covers Star Wars, including new vs old…

Mind Reels Chats Badsville (2017)

BADSVILLE (2017) (imdb: Twitter: @BadsvilleMovie) Director: APRIL MULLEN (imdb: Twitter: @AprilMullen88) Producer: DAVID J PHILLIPS (imdb: Twitter: @DJ_Phlips) Writers/Stars: IAN MCLAREN (imdb: BENJAMIN BARRETT (imdb: Twitter: @BenABarrett) Very Special Guest: EL PERRO For video version: Badsville is now available On Demand, iTunes, VuDu and Amazon Prime For bonus content, become a Mind Reels Patron today!

Ole Timey Radio Presents: Red Ryder – Roaring River Renegades

  Red Ryder: Roaring River Renegades Original Broadcast Date: March 22, 1949 Starring: CHRISTIAN POTENZA (imdb: Twitter: @C_Potenza) DON MCCUTCHEON (imdb: Twitter: @McCutcheonDon) JACQUELINE PILLON (imdb: Twitter: @voiceoverqueen) CARIN MOFFAT (imdb: Twitter: @carin_moffat) MARLENE ZISMAN (Twitter: @marlenezisman) NORAH NOBLE (imdb: Twitter: @MsNorahNoble) For video version: For extra content, become a Mind Reels Patron today!