Space: 1999 (1975) – Collision Course, and War Games

Moonbase Alpha continues it’s journey across the stars in this week’s pair of episodes!

Up first is Collision Course, written by Anthony Terpiloff, this episode first debuted on 18 September, 1975.

Alan (Nick Tate) is leading a flight of Eagles in front of Alpha to blow up an asteroid that is on a collision course with the moon. After success is achieved, the base is stunned to discover that there’s a planet coming their way as well.

Koenig (Martin Landau) goes to investigate it on a recon mission, as well as seeking Alan who they fear was lost in the explosion on the asteroid. He encounters Arra (Margaret Leighton), the show’s first alien encounter, as well as a stunning, large alien vessel.

Arra begins appearing to the rescued Alan and Koenig, draped in a black veil, a rather troubling, gothic image (which continues inside the alien vessel, despite it’s streamlined exterior), even as the series embraces its science fiction concepts.

Koenig through his dialogue with Arra is introduced to metaphysical concepts, and hints of the future history of humanity as well as that of her own people. He becomes convinced that the Alpha and the planet must collide, but this causes some consternation among his people, who are developing a plan, developed on the accident that blew them from orbit.

Is he right? Is Arra just using him? Doctor Russell (Barbara Bain) and the rest fear he is ill from radiation sickness, and that his judgement cannot be trusted.

How far will Koenig go to make sure Arra’s plan goes off without a hitch?


War Games aired on 25 September, 1975 was written by Christopher Penfold.

A group of alien ships approach Alpha, and again our heroes are less than surprised to come across yet another alien species, but are stunned to see that the first thing the alien ships do is to make an attack run on them.

When Alan fends off the run by destroying one of the attackers, they soon find themselves embroiled in a war.

While Alan leads the Eagles in offence and defence, Koenig, Russell, and Bergman (Barry Morse) try to keep the base together, while figuring out how to reach a peaceful end to the conflict.

Now, the Eagles did fire first. The alien ships were closing on Alpha, but no shots were fired until the Eagles made their first kill.

Koenig and Russell attempt to interact with the big-headed aliens when they travel to their planet. The aliens, however, see the Alphans as nothing more than a virus and execute Koenig.

This obviously gives away the gist of the plot, because obviously they can’t kill the leads, and it’s up to Russell, who has a connection with the aliens, to help a restored John Koenig figure out what is going on.

He, however, is intent on claiming a foothold on the alien planet and moving the Alphans there. Even if they have to fight for it.

What is really going on? Can a peaceful resolve be found? Will our aggressive tendencies and fear drive the planet to destruction? Or will the Alphans continue their journey through space having learned something new about themselves?

Well, as the series contijnued from here, that’s obvious… and the adventure continues next week with more journeys with Moonbase Alpha on their travels through Space:1999!



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