The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1993) – Winds of Change

The Great War is over, and the life of Indiana Jones (Sean Patrick Flanery) is about to change again in this movie edited together from two episodes, one of them unaired.

Paris, May 1919

Written by Jonathan Hales, this episode was first broadcast on 24 July, 1993, and sees Indy reunited with his old friend, T.E. Lawrence (Douglas Henshall), while the young adventurer works as a translator during the Paris Peace Conference.

Encounters with Arnold Toynbee (Micheal Maloney) and Gertrude Bell (Anna Massey) cause both men to reevaluate their world views, and their understanding of it, even as Woodrow Wilson (Josef Sommer) presents his 14 Points and the League of Nations.

Conflicting world views and opinions make an impression on Indy as he watches how things play out for Lawrence, and his work in Arabia, as well as a small delegation from Vietnam led by a young Ho Chi Minh (Alec Mapa).

I do love that this portion of the film sees Indy reconnecting with Lawrence and that the war has changed them both. They are no longer the same men, but still try to stay friends even as things unfurl in Paris with the arrival of the German delegation, led by Brockforff (Jeroen Krabbe).

Indy learns that diplomacy is not his thing, as he grows disappointed by the things he sees occurring around him. He elects to return to America, and boards a steamer ship, where a bit of romance occurs.


Princeton, 1919

This unaired episode was also written by Hale, and sees Indy returning home, and the breaking of his relationship with his father, Henry Jones, Sr. (Lloyd Owen). His travels homeward brings him into a relationship with Amy (Brooke Langton).

While at Princeton, he works with physicist Robert Goddard (Stephen Michael Ayers), who has his own form of idealism, but when he, Amy and his friend Paul (Kevin Jackson) have a rough encounter in New York, the young man continues to become disillusioned about the world, and America.

As he wanders around Princeton, he catches up on his past, encounters some old memories, and his first girlfriend, Nancy (Robyn Lively). Things have changed, but stayed the same, and Indy is able to see that, and begins to wonder where he will fit in with it. He’s at a bit of a loss.

This is only exacerbated by his interactions with his father, who continues to treat him as a child despite all the things he has learned in his travels. This leads to a dissolution of their always tenuous relationship, a relationship that wouldn’t be repaired for another twenty years.

Next week, Harrison Ford makes an appearance in the bookends for The Mystery of the Blues.


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