Solo: A Star Wars Story – The Official Guide (2018) – Pablo Hidalgo

As a Star Wars fan, hell, as a pop culture fan, DK Canada gets me. Their constantly growing library of books, no matter what the subject, are always fun, informative, filled with trivia, gorgeous photos and illustrations, and always seem to be designed to give us a closer look at the subject matter.

The official guide to Solo: A Star Wars Story, the latest reference book to find its welcome way to my book shelf is no exception. The book, and its author, Pablo Hidalgo have to walk a fine line, there has to be a proper cataloguing of items and personages portrayed in the film (or most of them anyway), but some plot points, devices, and characters need to be kept a secret for their reveals.

This book, like the ones that have come before it, walks the line easily, and brings the reader a fantastic look at the costumes, props, vehicles, people and creatures that inhabit the every expanding Star Wars universe.

The book takes us through the locations we visit, and the characters we meet in order of their appearance in the film, and oftentimes breaks down items to the smallest detail, like what the droids were doing on the streets of Corellia, the top speed of the M-68 landspeeder, or where Lando Calrissian’s cape room is on the Millennium Falcon.

Bandai Millenium Falcon Lando Calrissian (1)

Oh, and that alien you may have only caught a glimpse of in your screening of the film, you’d better believe they have a character name, and a back story that is considered canon, and it’s going to be right here in this book.

For those superfans who need to know the make of a vehicle, the type of blaster Lando carries (a brushed chromium BlasTech SE-14r, with a mother of pearl handle), it’s all here, easily accessible, and entertainingly written.

I think the only thing missing from the book (and no, it’s not about THAT character) is that the look inside Dryden Voss’ star yacht and his collection of artefacts doesn’t include a familiar looking statue.

Puzzled by Lando’s pristine YT-1300 freighter, as it implies that Han, despite his love for the ship, doesn’t keep it as tidy as his friend, examine all the work and love the smuggler put into the spaceship which he loses to Han in a game of Sabacc (which also gets a solid explanation).

These DK Books are fun, informative, and take us deeper into worlds that we love, and this one proves to be no exception. And, of course, now that I’ve gone cover to cover with this book, I’ll need to see the film again to catch all the things I didn’t notice but that the book showed me were there.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theatres now, the Official Guide is available at your local book store from DK Books.


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