The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1995) – The Treasure of the Peacock’s Eye

Treasure of the Peacock’s Eye was a television movie that first aired on 15 January, 1995. It reunited Indy (Sean Patrick Flanery) with Remy (Ronny Coutteure) in this adventure written by Jule Selbo.

Our friends are back in the trenches, still working with French Intelligence, carrying out a final mission even as the armistice to end the war looms. This final mission launches Indy and Remy on a quest around the South Pacific to find one of Alexander the Great’s possessions, the Peacock’s Eye.

The adventure takes him from London, Egypt and onto the South Pacific. Before doing so, Remy is reunited with his family, while Indy learns that Mrs. Seymour (Margaret Tyzack) passed away just the week before.

Remy encourages the pursuit of the treasure, one last adventure together, Indy is dubious at first, but signs up, and the two are off, globe-trotting, and putting clues together.

As Indy gets closer to the character we know there are more obvious nods to the style of the films, the travel maps, the changes in location, and even the occasional fisticuffs. It also continues to tie in the threads of the series with the nods to Mrs. Seymour, as well as catching up with Howard Carter (Pip Torrens). While he catches up with old friends he also brushes up against author E.M Forster (William Osborne).


They are thwarted and pursued by a one-eyed man, Zyke (Adrian Edmondson) and Indy is taken in by a beautiful young woman, Lily (Jayne Ashbourne). All these pieces and more, move the series, or at least this instalment of it, closer to what we know Indy will become, even before he goes on to study archaeology.

Of course, things aren’t going to go too easily for any of the parties involved, especially when the steamer they are aboard is overtaken by pirates, where they are robbed of all the clues they need to discover the treasure.

Ending up on a remote island, the pair find themselves in all manner of trouble, and the revelation that the treasure isn’t what they think it is. What ends up being a wild goose chase, leads to a parting of the ways for our two friends.

It’s a fun story, it gets pulled from its adventure by the island storyline. It’s as if instead of producing it as one film, they shot it so that it could be broken into episodes if they went back to series.

The treasure does have a through line in the story, but it ends up getting a little sidetracked, and sets Indy on his way for his future endeavours, as he prepares for the university of Chicago and his study of archaeology.

All of this signifies something for Indy, and we’ll find out more next week when we encounter the Winds of Change.



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