Persepolis Rising (2017) – James S.A. Corey

The seventh volume in the brilliant, and highly enjoyable science fiction series, The Expanse, finally finds its way to the Book Shelf this week, and it was so worth the wait. I love this series so much, and this book, Persepolis Rising does two things that haven’t really happened in the series before: there’s a time jump forward, almost thirty years, and it ends on the closest thing to a cliffhanger the series has seen.

Holden, Naomi, Amos, Alex, Bobbie and Clarissa are still the crew of the ageing gunship, the Rocinante, things have changed, Medina station serving as the slow-space gate hub, is the centre of thirteen hundred populated worlds accessed by the protomolecule created gates.

Holden and his crew serves as a jack of all trades for the trade union running the station, but as their most recent mission comes to a close, Holden and Naomi decide it’s time to cash out, and retire, leaving the ship to Bobbie, as the new captain, and the rest of the crew.

But they chose to pick up and go one day too late.

One of the thirteen hundred worlds has been experimenting with the protomolecule, and has created a new fleet of ships, and the first has arrived at Medina station. Unstoppable, these forces, from Laconia, establish a new government, and are planning on uniting all of humanity under their rule, whether they like it or not.


And it seems nothing can stop them.

Once again our heroes get drawn into events, and find themselves at the centre of things, but none of them are as young as they used to be, and the cost of this blossoming war may be too high, especially when revelations are made towards the end of the book.

There are a number of things I love about this series; primarily the way I fall right back into the characters, and the moments they share. I love spending time with them, and when events begin to affect them, I can’t help but get caught up in them as well. This time around there are things going on with Amos that make me start to really worry for the big guy.

As always the writers calling themselves James S. A. Corey pen a fantastic tale of war, hope, fear, power, home and friendship, and I cannot wait for the next instalment, as I have to know what happens next, because I’m not so sure our heroes are going to be able to solve this problem.

It’s great seeing how the characters have changed, evolved, and the way new characters fit into the tapestry of the universe.

This series continues to be one of my all time favourites, and I recommend it every chance I get. Now if only I could get advanced copies of the next one… and the one after that, and the one…


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