The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1993/1999) – Tales of Innocence

Indiana (Sean Patrick Flanery) continues his service during the Great War in events that put him behind enemy lines. This film was a combination of two episodes, and first aired on 14 July, 1999.

Northern Italy, June 1917

Written by Jonathan Hales  this portion of the film aired as an episode on 17 April, 1993. Working in Italy on an espionage mission which he hopes will bring a quicker end to the war, Indy finds himself falling for a beautiful young woman, Giulietta (Veronika Logan).

Unfortunately, she is being courted by another man. Whoever he is, he delivers bigger presents and signs of affection. He seeks advice from a new friend, Ernest Hemingway (Jay Underwood).

It is soon revealed that the man Indy is competing with is Hemingway, himself. The rivalry plays out comically as Indy continues on his mission, though he is increasingly distracted, possibly endangering himself, and the outcome.

The locations are stunning, something that continues to make the series look exceptional, and it can easily balance the action, drama, and humour that are important to the character.

We also get a look at Indy’s music, as we see him playing alto sax, something that will come up again later in the series.

And to continue tying into the Lucasfilm world, Pernilla August who plays Shmi Skywalker in the Prequel Trilogy plays Giulietta’s mother.

It’s a lighthearted, goofy episode that sees a nice pairing between Flanery and Underwood.


Morocco, 1917

Written by  Hales, this unaired adventure, shot later to fill out Tales of Innocence, sees our adventurer travelling to North Africa, after a recovery in Venice. He works undercover, posing as part of the French Foreign Legion. Someone is supplying the Berbers with arms, and command believes it is one of the Legionnaires.

To further cement his cover, Indy finds himself serving as a companion to novelist Edith Wharton (Clare Higgins). As they travel together they strike up a friendship, that plays at a little innocent flirtation.

Indy relaxes easily with Edith, while still working on his mission. His interactions with Edith catches the attention of journalist Thomas Lowell (Evan Richards), who sees a story not only about the war, but also about Wharton herself.

Indy tracks down the connection in the arms suppliers, and puts a stop to it, wrapping up the story nicely, and also lets the story make some nice commentary on relationships between men and women, not just in different cultures, but in different age groups.

Indy’s passion for archaeology continues to show as he talks about his future plans, but before that happens, there will be more adventures, and next week, Indy encounters some darkness and perhaps some supernatural activity with Masks of Evil.


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