The LEGO Batman Movie: The Making of the Movie (2017) – Tracey Miller-Zarneke

As evidenced by my review this past Saturday, I loved The LEGO Batman Movie, it was so much fun to watch, and revel in. It was funny, family friendly, and told a brand new Batman story.

So I was delighted when DK Canada sent me their latest, The Making of the Movie. Much like the film, the book has found that all important balance between younger reader, and older fan crafting an informative, picture-laden book that gives a solid look at how this version of Batman was brought to the big-screen.

The book is broken into three sections, Locations, Characters and Vehicles, but there is a wonderful prologue that documents the growth and development of the film. From the first inkling of the idea of the film to it’s release to the public, the book is brilliant, and filled with behind the scenes information.

As we are taken through each of the aspects of the film, from Wayne Manor to the design of the Joker, to the design of Batman’s utility belt to the vehicles populating the Batcave (watch for some classic designs), each is given its moment to shine in this book, no matter the length of their screen time. Consequently, the book gives us a peek at the design, of the all of these things, documenting their growth, their style, influences, and how they were finally rendered for Batman’s big screen adventure.


With details spilling off the pages, the book shares early designs, storyboards, and tons of geeky Batman goodness, some of which is only barely glimpsed on the screen.

I love seeing how the characters were designed, how the storyboards developed from sketches to pre-viz all the way through to a final render. And the in-jokes that I missed in the film, there are a lot right here. Course, that means I just have to watch it again and try to pick all of them  out.

Much like their films, the LEGO books are dedicated to making sure they are the best they can be, providing a sense of fun, and enjoyment, and filled with details and humour – there’s a whole page filled with the advertisements that are around Gotham – and there are jokes aplenty.

For LEGO and Batman fans, this book wonderfully enhances the experience of the film. It also makes you realise all the work that actually goes into these films. Sure you’re sitting there for the two hours that the movie plays, but the film itself took the better part of two years (if not longer) to produce. The sequences need to be created in the computer, voice actors do their bit, sound design, production design, lighting, all of these things come together to create the cinematic experience that is The LEGO Batman Movie, and DK Canada makes sure that you get a look at all of it in this gorgeous art-filled book.

Check it out now!


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