Morning Star (2016) – Pierce Brown


Pierce Brown’s epic science fiction trilogy comes to an explosive, and emotionally satisfying conclusion with Morning Star, this week’s title on The Book Shelf.

After the stunning cliffhanger of Golden Son, I was left to wonder what Brown would do to finish off the story, and what would the cost be to characters I’ve grown to care about, love, and love to hate over the prior two novels.

Darrow aka Reaper has been held prisoner, kept under the most horrifying circumstances, Mustang has seemingly disappeared after the revelations Darrow made to her, Roque, Sevro, the Sovereign, Cassius, Aja, Ragnar, they all get brilliant moments, pulse-pounding and heart-wrenching moments.

There are stunning revelations, brilliant space battles, gut-twisting betrayals, new allies and new enemies.

Where reading the second I had some Dune imagery in my head, this series had so created a visual look in my mind’s eye that it all played out without any outside influences. And it was nothing short of gorgeous, enthralling, and completely involving.

If I were to speak of the plot, it may sound like a space opera, but it feels grittier, more costly than lighter fare.

This one completely captivated me as Brown continued to ratchet up the stakes, introduce new characters, and steal others away. It was a brilliant read that I’ve been recommending to everyone, whether they like science fiction novels or not.


There are big themes at work in this series, the ideas of how humanity can best strive forward, class structures, slavery, wealth and happiness, and all that it entails. Seeing the moments play out in my mind as battles raged, ships clashed, and razors twirled, was nothing short of exhilarating, and it dealt me a curious conundrum.

I couldn’t stop reading, but the closer the end of the book got, and things keep going to the last page, the more I realized that my time with Darrow, Mustang and Sevro were coming to a close. Something I really didn’t want.

The pages turned, one leading into another, sacrifices are made, as the rising tide of the colors of humanity wage war on the highest class, the Golds, and the Society’s ruler, the Sovereign.

All the threads that have been laid since the first book pay off, characters have changed over the books, but everything comes back to the events of the first tale, and with good cause, considering the crucible they were thrown into in Red Rising.

This series has been a smart, fun, incredibly exciting and well-written series to read, and while I am more than a little upset to be leaving behind the people I have fought and suffered with over the past three novels, I am left to hope that there lives are good, their world is just, and that each finds the ending they deserve.

I loved this series, and this is definitely one to pick up and enjoy the hell out of!




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