2016 Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival


There is always something amazing going on in Toronto, and we seem to be inundated with film festivals, which for a movie buff like me, is a good thing! Getting under way today, with a special opening night screening at Sick Kids Hospital and then continuing tomorrow at Innis Town Hall, this festival celebrates young filmmakers with 44 short films.

Broken into four programs, there is Aspire to Inspire, the opening night programme, Expect the Unexpected, Perspectives and Prisms.

The shorts within each collection run the gambit of genres, ideas, and storytelling as the next wave of creators practice and refine their craft. Each is filled with promise, creativity, and a choice to make a difference, whether through messages or to entertain.

The Festival itself, if you miss the opening night programme, all takes place in one day, in one place, and it’s worth a look, just to see the wonders of the young providing their take, their input, on cinema.

You can notice influences, and the blossoming of styles, as well as fully formed ones already. I won’t mention my favourites, I will only say the festival, whether you are a film buff, supporter of the arts, the young, or just want something to do this weekend, it is well worth your time to check it out.

For more info, check out the website here or check out the festival trailer below…




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