Tackling a Guinness World’s Record!!

Today’s the day.


Starting at 7pm this evening, Sue Maynard and I will be going for the World Record for the Longest Uninterrupted Live Webcast. A Guinness World’s Record!!!

But before I go any further, and before I become a completely incognizant wreck (Sunday should be a lot of fun!!) I want to take this one moment, and say how lucky and fortunate I am to have a creative partner in Sue Maynard.

It hasn’t been an easy few months, for her. She’s busted her ass pursuing this goal, this is her success, and no matter what happens this weekend, it is a success, because she made it happen. I played some small part in it, throwing out ideas, sending emails, wearing a kilt, but this was her brilliant idea from the get-go. She’s put so much of herself into this, that she’s made herself ill more than once, and yet, she keeps going, plucking away, fighting to solve problems, both expected and unexpected and improvising, adapting and overcoming each step of the way.

For the most part, I’ve stood aside, let her take the lead, get my direction from her, and then go off and do it, letting her maintain the vision and idea that is inherently hers. We may have created this show together, but Sue is the heart and soul of this World Record attempt.

Over the months that this gargantuan task has been laid before her, we’ve faced incredible odds, and quandaries and even setbacks (and though prepared, some of them threw us for a loop, coming from completely unexpected directions).

Before we plunge into the full-on weekend, I wanted to take this moment to recognize all the amazing work Sue has done to get this thing going.

I wanted to take this moment to say I am so very proud of Sue Maynard, and I’ve never been so honored in my creative endeavors to work with someone so brilliant, determined and just plain awesome!

Let’s do this!!!

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