The Kid and The Clown – Ida Gron, Denmark


In a wonderful little feature, the axiom “laughter is the best medicine” is proven whole-heartedly with the humorous, innocence and honesty Kid & The Clown.

It has won a number of family awards in festivals and there’s a reason.

It’s an honest look from both perspectives, to see the joy of little Tobias in his interactions with Angus the clown, and to see Angus how he deals with his interactions with the children on the cancer ward behind the scenes.

Happily, for my own personal safety, Angus isn’t one of those full make-up clowns, he has a red nose and some really bad golf pants, but it’s his joy and presence that makes him a clown.

Tobias quickly forms an attachment to him and you can tell it’s mutual. Angus is by the boy’s side (as well as other children throughout the ward) and is a welcome addition to the pillar of support that the family needs.

All the pain and fears Tobias goes through is witnessed by the cameras and Angus. He distracts the boy as he can engaging the boy in play, UNO and guitar hero.

There is a wonderful tender moment, where Tobias’ father, who says nothing through the film, but is almost always on hand, is trying to stay awake but ends up drifting off to sleep next to his sleeping son.

Away from the children Angus ruminates on the thoughts and questions everyone has had – why should something as evil as cancer happen to anyone, especially children?

Away from Angus, Tobias watches the sunny world outside, and you know he just wants to be a normal kid, running and playing.

Director Gron has crafted an honest and heartwarming look at how laughter and positivity can influence child patients and the people who do it.

It’s painful to watch as Tobias, and the rest of the children suffer the effects of their various cancers, weight and hair loss, vomiting, but the camera never flinches, letting us deal with these often heart-breaking events as they occur, unable to compartmentalize it as Angus has been forced to.

It’s a moving piece not only for hospital clowns, and the service they do, but the determination of the children and their families as well.

The Kid and The Clown screens one last time Saturday May 5th at 2:00pm at the Light Box.

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  1. Very sad but a beautiful lesson of the life seeing all these brave kids, and good to know some great ppl make their best to try give her some happiness and laugh ..

  2. Ptichouia says:

    I love you, Tobias, and Angus. You may count on many many friends all arouend the world ! So keep going, we are with you two !
    A message from a story teller and magician .. from France, deeeply moved by meeting you.

  3. Ida Grøn says:

    Dear Timothy and Sue,

    It looks as if I haven’t thanked you for bringing this review I discovered you made of The Kid and the Clown which I directed. Better late than never: thank you for this!! It is so important and rewarding when people help bringing attention to a story that a bunch of people have worked hard on bringing to the world.

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