Mr. Christmas – Nick Palmer, USA

Paired with the endearing Kid and The Clown, this short introduces us to Bruce Mertz, better known around Concord, California as Mr. Christmas.

A widower living with his cat Trixie, Bruce is a retired electrician who needed a way to make people happy, and make himself happy by proxy.

So beginning in August every year as he has the past 33, he starts the daunting task of decorating the outside of his house with the greatest array of lights one could imagine.

People travel from miles around as the house lights up at 6 and shines brightly until 10 every evening through the winter holidays.

In the few minutes we’re given with Bruce we’re shown someone who needs this activity, beneath his jovial exterior you can see there is a loneliness and sadness within.

But he gets out and engages the world through Christmas, and he makes the world a happier place because of it.

A wonderful and delightful short, joy, hope, loss, friendship and the magic of Christmas in perfect little present.

Mr. Christmas can be seen with The Kid and The Clown one last time Saturday May 5 at 2:00pm at the Light Box.

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