Summers come and go, and with them of course is a slew of popcorn films that sometimes are easily forgotten, leaving your mind as soon as you toss your empty popcorn bag into the garbage.

It is also when some fantastic films get released as well, tentpoles, and the occasional amazing and surprising stand alone (Inception for one!).

And while I am sure I will enjoy The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises, the film I am most excited about is Prometheus.

Sir Ridley Scott is returning to the sci-fi genre, following up on his 1979 classic Alien.

The story is set about 33 years before the events of that film, and will explore some of the mystery of the derelict ship that the Nostromo discovered on LV-426, and will finally show us who and what the space jockey is.

The space jockey you ask?

I mean this guy…

Everyone, since they first saw that film, has been curious about who this being was, how he got there, why was his ship carrying all those eggs, what happened to the crew??

Question after question…

And Sir Ridley is going to start giving us answers.

The way I understand it, this may be the first film in a series that connects Prometheus to Alien, which means that while we may get some answers, there may be more questions raised, and some answers delayed.

I do love the idea of it, that little hints about a species that may have seeded us here on Earth, have left little markers throughout our history and cultures so that when we are finally ready, we could go out and meet them and answer all those ageless questions. Why are we here? Where did we come from?

But, if one should never meet one’s heroes, then what does that mean for our gods? Or in this case I believe they are officially being called The Engineers.

Now, while some people have been disappointed in some of Ridley’s recent efforts, I will say this for his work, it is always technically brilliant. He is a master filmmaker, and he pays attention to details, and while there is CG and green screen work in the film, he also does a lot of things practically.

I love practical effects, yes, with CG you can make big sweeping landscapes, massive armies, fantastic creations, but there’s a part of you that always knows it’s not real. A practical effect feels real, because it is, and in a film of this kind, filled with scares, and big ideas, the more real you can make it, the more of an effect it should have on its audience.

As far as I’m concerned June 8, cannot get here quick enough!!


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  1. Dave Enkosky says:

    I am so excited about this. Honestly, I’d be psyched whether or not it was an Alien prequel

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