Sex After Kids Perks and Cast!

Sex After Kids, the new indie film from our good friend Jeremy LaLonde is closing in on it’s budget goal of $50,000!

BUT!!! There’s still time to donate, or add to the donations you’ve already given! And as Jeremy is quick to point out… they aren’t just asking for your hard-earned money, you get perks to go with it!

Once the 14th of April rolls around those perks will no longer be available! And these are some pretty sweet extras, you can get a credit in the film, you can be an executive producer, you can get Skype chats with the cast, autographed DVDs and posters, a wine tasting, an invite to the cast and crew screening!

Like I said pretty sweet!

Now, I realize that maybe some people can’t afford to donate, no matter how much they would like to, I totally understand the strapped pocket-book. But if you can’t donate, maybe someone you know can, so please share this link, share the love, get involved as you can.

Sue and I are so excited to see the cameras roll on this film, and we’re working on chatting to the cast as well, some of whom we’ve had the opportunity to chat with before, and are looking forward to doing so again.

If you haven’t heard this cast list… check this out:

From the television series Lost Girl we have Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer, and Paul Amos, which verges on the brilliant!

From Stargate: Atlantis and Flashpoint, the awesome and hilarious Kate Hewlett!

The ever endearing Mary Krohnert from Flashpoint and The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard!

Also from Paul Shepard, as well as the Stone Angel, the charming Christine Horne!

Ennis Esmer of the very entertaining The LA Complex!

The lovely Katie Boland from Daydream Nation, as well as a guest shot on Lost Girl!

From the Murdoch Mysteries… the awesome voice and presence of Peter Keleghan!

From The Kennedys and a guest shot on Haven… the versatile Kristin Booth!

From Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, The Killing and Watchmen… the fantastic Jay Brazeau!

From the new television series The Firm… the vivacious Amanda Brugel!

From Warehouse 13 and The Listener… the entertaining Mark Robinson!

From Billable Hours… the adorable Shannon Beckner!

From Flashpoint and The Murdoch Mysteries… the talented David Tompa!

All these great actors in one film!!! And you can be involved!

So please support this film, a friend of ours said it’s going to rock the film festivals, and I agree, this movie is going to be so cool! So please spread the word, share the link, donate what you can!

So head on over to their official Indigogo page!

Get involved!

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  1. Go go for Sex After kids !! Thanks Sue and Tim’ !! 🙂

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