Sue and I discovered the web-series Guidestones at the Fan Expo Comic Con earlier this month, and have enjoyed every minute of it, from the storytelling to the hunting for clues. It’s a fan, interactive series, and one we wanted to follow-up on the moment we were introduced to it.

So we sat down with Jay Ferguson, the director/creator, the charming and funny Dan Fox, who plays Trevor, and the lovely, and sadly missing from these pics (which we’ll amend next time we see her) Supinder Wraich as Sandy.

We met and settled into a little lounge area in the studio where the post-production and the supplemental information and websites were created for the series, and had a wonderful chat.

If you have comfy couch, find one, we all had one, settle in, and have a listen. If you haven’t had a chance to start watching the series yet, maybe this will get you started on it.

It’s a lot of fun, check it out.

But first, have a listen to our chat with the creative minds behind Guidestones.

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