Why Aren’t You Watching Guidestones?


You get out of life what you put into it, the same can be said of the Guidestones web-series.

Now we’ve covered this awesome show already, however Sue and I just came off of a great interview with the series creator Jay Ferguson, and the two charismatic stars Supinder Wraich and Dan Fox, and we can’t believe that more people haven’t come across it yet…

Now, you can just watch the series, episode by episode, delivered right to your inbox after you register (for free), or you can delve into the layered, conspiracy-filled world that the Guidestones exist in.

The Georgia Guidestones, are structures that actually exist, and you the viewer are thrown into a mystery-laden world as you follow two journalism students as they discover a web of intrigue that takes them around the globe!

If  you put your Google to work, you can get so much out of this series! There are clues, hidden websites, hidden videos, strange symbols… It’s so involved, and the more you learn, the more you get into the events that are happening to Supinder and Dan’s characters, Sandy and Trevor respectively.

There are about 50 episodes altogether, and if you sting them together, they’ll probably run about two hours all told. But if you start seeking out the supplemental material, there is so much more to find and do, and hours of exploring! All of which makes the world that much more real for the viewer.

It’s an engaging, interactive experience, and also very addictive!!

Despite that, it’s not asking a lot of your time, because the story spills out in real-time. You may only get an episode, or two a day, the course of the series runs about 3 weeks.

I, as of this writing, an on episode 34, and I have no idea how they’re gonna have things tied up before the end of the first season, but I am having a great time watching for things to hunt down online!

That’s right, I said first season, they are toying with ideas for season two already and I am very eager to see Sandy and Trevor in action again.

So if you are looking for something different, something fun, something unexpected, then you really need to do yourself a favor and explore the world of Guidestones.

You won’t regret it.

And then check in on Saturday for our podcast this week, when we chat to series creator and director, Jay Ferguson, and the stars Supinder Wraich and Dan Fox!

Jump into the adventure here!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Seems to be a very interesting show!! Lol with all the movies/shows you make us know here, I have a lot to watch now ! 🙂 Thanks guys 🙂

  2. sbj says:

    “Why aren’t you watching guidestones?”

    I tried. awful, awful writing.

    1. TD Rideout says:

      I’m sorry you thought so. I, myself, have been quite engaged by it, I love a good conspiracy with unusual, mysterious elements, and love prowling through the episodes to make sure I have found all the clues.

  3. Shannon Redhead says:

    Jay Fergusson is my step uncle and he has been at work on this for a few years and it really is going to be the new future! ❤

  4. wildfireeffect says:

    The question I want to know is Who is looking forward to Season 2? And does anyone have predictions?

    1. TD Rideout says:

      Good question!! I’m not too sure I want to make any predictions yet…

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