The Expanse (2018) – Reload, and Triple Point

Reload was penned by Robin Veith and aired first on 2 May, 2018. Lots of things are happening this time out. The Rocinante is flying on fumes, and against all of the crew’s better judgement, they realize the best place to stock up is in the debris of the battle between Earth and Martian forces….

The Expanse (2018) – IFF, and Assured Destruction

Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham, collectively known as James S.A. Corey the author of The Expanse book series pen IFF, which stands for Identify Friend or Foe, debuted on 18 April, 2018. While Mao (Francois Chao) arrives on Io to confer with his science team over the protomolecule and human hybrids they are creating as…