Batman (1966) – The Penguin Goes Straight, and Not Yet, He Ain’t

John Cardwell and Lorenzo Semple Jr. join forces to tell The Penguin Goes Straight, which first aired on 23 March, 1966. And as the title suggests it seems that the Penguin (Burgess Meredith) has gone on the straight and narrow, something he demonstrates when he foils a hold-up after a theatre performance.

That gets him in good with Sophia Starr (Kathleen Crowley) and her vast array of jewelry, something that Commissioner Gordon (Neil Hamilton) and Chief O’Hara (Stafford Repp) find suspicious, so they contact Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward).

Even when the Dynamic Duo investigate they can’t find any real proof that the Penguin is up to anything. In fact, the more they dig into things, the more villainous they look, going so far as to receive a warning from Gordon that he may have to arrest them.

With Alfred’s (Alan Napier) help the Caped Crusaders are able to get an inventory of Starr’s jewels and plan to foil any attempt at robbery that they believe the Penguin is going to commit. Something he plans to do in the very near future after drawing the heroic pair into a trap that sees them strung up at a fair Penguin has organized. Hidden by a curtain, they are perfectly in line with the shooting gallery, and Penguin has just offered up a pair of umbrella guns to Gordon and O’Hara, citing charity work if they can hit their targets!

What’s going to happen to our heroes? Let’s find out now!

Not Yet, He Ain’t was also written by Caldwell and Semple and aired the following night on the 24 March, 1966.

Not only do we get a run with the bat-cycle we also discover how the Dynamic Duo escaped from Penguin’s trap for them. They were able to survive the bullets fired by Gordon and O’Hara by bracing their feet against the side of the tent, and the soles of their feet took the bullet hits because their shoes are bulletproof.

Escaping Penguin’s trap they return to the Batcave and try to figure out a way to trap Penguin and figure out his long game, and set up a gambit of their own by faking their deaths at the hands of the police.

It ends up being a rather silly plan (as usual) Penguin is planning on marrying Sophia, and then absconding with all the very rich wedding gifts, and leaving Sophia at the alter, making their escape in a stolen bat-mobile.

Our heroes give chase in the bat-cycle, though the camera angle for both the batmobile and cycle is a little askew when compared to the background. Oh, and speaking of camera angles that are a little off, Batman says they’ve installed a camera in the batmobile’s dash with which to observe Penguin, but the angle they, and we see, is from outside the left-hand side… weird.

With a few gadgets, and remote control of the batmobile, Batman and Robin are able to stop Penguin’s getaway, clear their names, and send the dastardly criminal back to prison!

Let’s see what happens next time!


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