The Expanse (2017) – Static, and Godspeed

Holden (Steven Strait) cuts Miller (Thomas Jane) loose from the Roci once they return to Tycho Station, following the assault on Deimos, and Miller’s actions there. And that leads Miller down an unexpected alley in figuring out a way to deal with the new things that seem to be happening on Eros, it’s broadcasting some kind of countdown.

Static was written by Robin Veith and first aired on 8 February, 2017.

Holden and Amos (Wes Chatham) work on figuring out a way to get one of the scientists they recovered from Deimos to talk about the protomolecule. Amos figures it out quite nicely, though his analogy is somewhat unnerving. At the same time, Naomi (Dominique Tipper) lets off some steam, and Alex (Cas Anvar) puts himself through the paces to figure out if there is some way he could have saved those he sacrificed in the assault.

Meanwhile, Chrisjen (Shohreh Aghdashloo) opens an illegal dialogue with Johnson (Chad L. Coleman) about finding a way to maintain the peace. The Martians, especially Draper (Frankie Adams) seem to be chomping at the bit to take the fight to Earth.

The Roci gets repaired, and Miller comes up with a plan thanks to the Mormons and their generational ship which is still under construction.

All the storylines get their due attention as the second season is starting to really race and set things up for reveals that no one is going to expect (unless you’ve read the novels).

This series is simply stunning.

Godspeed was written by Dan Nowak and first aired on 15 February, 2017. As Chrisjen maneuvers with Johnson’s assistance to bring Jules-Pierre (Francois Chau) and Sadavir’s (Shawn Doyle) collusion and plan to light by outing the destroyed stealth ship, Miller puts his plan into action.

Johnson and the rest have commandeered the Nauvoo with the plan of driving it right into Eros as a series of bombs set by a demo team (which will completely seal the docks and airlocks), which Miller is a part of, are triggered to change Eros’ orbit and send it plunging into the sun and burning up.

The Roci flies escort and Holden is forced to make an incredibly hard decision when a ship, posing as doctors is revealed to have gotten into Eros and perhaps have some of the protomolecule in their possession.

Most of the setup goes well until one of the charges suffers a failure and someone needs to keep their finger on the trigger until the Nauvoo plows into Eros’ surface. Miller stays behind.

But as the Nauvoo plows through space towards impact something impossible happens, the auditory output from Eros increases, and then it changes course. Something it shouldn’t be able to do.

Everyone, including the audience share the same look – what the hell just happened here?


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