M*A*S*H (1982) – Picture This, That Darn Kid, and Hey, Look Me Over

The penultimate episode of season ten (!) of MASH was written by Karen Hall and had an original airdate of 5 April, 1982.

Potter (Harry Morgan) has decided to paint a portrait of his staff as a gift for his wife, Mildred. Unfortunately, he couldn’t have picked a worse time. Everyone has gotten on one another’s nerves and Hawkeye (Alan Alda) is so fed up with his fellow Swamp Rats, B.J. (Mike Farrell), and Charles (David Ogden Stiers) that he elects to move out and find a place of his own.

Once he’s gone the remaining duo struggles to get along, but everything is strained, and the rest of the camp tries to figure out a way to unite the trio even as Potter works on his art.

It’s a light episode, but also shows that no matter how much you care for someone, sometimes you do need a little time apart. But this unit works together when they are all together, and even if they don’t realize it, everyone else does.

Potter just wants to finish the painting, Charles is tired of hearing about B.J.’s family back home, B.J. is tired of hearing Charles’ classical records, and Hawkeye is feeling pretty lonely in his new digs.

Don’t worry, mostly everything will be sorted out by episode’s end.

That Darn Kid closes out season ten and was also written by Hall. It was first broadcast on 12 April, 1982.

Hawkeye is put in charge as paymaster, a task he hates as he has to hand out everyone’s pay and keep track of the cash flow throughout.

Unfortunately, Klinger’s (Jamie Farr) new goat eats all of the scrip, and when it’s reported I-Corps sends an investigator who believes that Hawkeye is lying and has stolen the money. He either has to pay it back or face court-martial.

Meanwhile, Charles thinks he comes across a valuable vase and makes the mistake of borrowing money from Rizzo (G.W. Bailey) to pay for it, with 100% interest a day!

Everyone is messed over with the loss of the money, but Hawkeye is in the direst of straits unless they can find a way to make the investigator come around to their point of view and believe the goat actually ate the pay.

No big surprises or anything for an end-of-season episode, just business as usual. That will all change when we get to the end of the final season, which starts now…

Hey, Look Me Over launched the final season of MASH on 25 October, 1982. It was written by Alan Alda.

Houlihan (Loretta Swit) is running the nurses ragged to prepare for an inspection and she begins to learn she’s losing the respect of some of those she fought so hard for a couple of seasons back, will she realize that in time?

The real story follows Hawk and Kellye (Kellye Nakahara). She’s been around since the beginning always in the background, having the occasional line and interaction with the main cast. This time she gets to be front and center, and calls Hawkeye on never paying her any mind because she doesn’t fit his ideas of what he is looking for in a woman.

As he watches her she sees how amazing she really is, and she, in turn, gets some really moments of joy, and develops a real friendship with Hawkeye.

It’s really great to see a character actor like Nakahara given a chance to shine in a well-written script that also has the important message about books and covers.

The final season is underway, let’s see where it takes us.

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