Mission: Impossible (1971) – Nerves, and Run for the Money

Lisa Casey (Lynda May George) has to put herself in harm’s way with her IMF assignment in Nerves. Written by Henry Sharp and Garrie Bateson, from a story by Sharp, it first aired on 4 December, 1971. Wendell Hoyes (Christopher George) is a paranoid criminal who has his hands on a slowly degrading canister of…

M*A*S*H (1977) – The Grim Reaper, Comrades In Arms: Part One, and Part Two

Burt Prelutsky pens The Grim Reaper which sees Hawkeye (Alan Alda) running afoul of a goal focussed colonel, Bloodworth (Charles Aidman) in this episode that first aired on 29 November, 1977. Bloodworth is a frequent visitor to the 4077th warning of the number of casualties he expects from his assaults, and maneuvers against the enemy….

Dead Calm (1989) – Phillip Noyce

  Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane take us on a high seas thrill ride filled with suspense in Phillip Noyce’s Dead Calm, the next recommendation from the Great Movies – 100 Years of Film book. Clocking in at a tightly paced 93 minutes, this thriller captivates with a well-scripted story, and strong performances….