Star Trek: Firestorm (1994) – L.A. Graf

Space, the final frontier…

More voyages this week with the Enterprise, call numbers NCC-1701, in Firestorm, that sees the supporting characters, especially Uhura a chance to shine.

Set after the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but after the new burgundy uniform jackets came into circulation. The Enterprise has come to the planet Rakatan, which is covered in enormous volcanoes and has huge deposits of dilithium.

Kirk and company learn why they’ve been called, it seems there is an illegal mining operation taking place in one of the giant volcanoes, an operation led by the Elasians, who the Enterprise last encountered in the third season episode, Elaan of Troyius. A matriarchal society, the new ruler refuses to deal with Kirk, and recognises Uhura as the ruler of the ship.

Consequently, she is the one sent to interact with the dohlman, or leader. Problems arise in orbit and on the planet as an eruption threatens and an Elasian armada arrives to underscore their position on the planet.

The authors (L.A. Graf is a pseudonym) know their characters, know how to tie the tapestry of the universe together, and especially know how to give the supporting cast their due, and time in the spotlight.

While not my favourite of the Trek novels this group has written, it’s a solid story that fits nicely into the universe. I especially like that I can hear McCoy’s voice in my head when I read his dialogue.

As I traverse these journeys with the crew of the Enterprise, and my beloved crew, I keep thinking I’ve got at least one really epic Trek novel in me. I’ve been reading them since I was nine, I’ve been watching Trek since I was seven, I know these characters, I can hear their voices in my head.

And even as I type this, there is a huge story idea, swirling at the back of my mind, hinting at something truly epic… Hey Pocketbooks! Hit me up and lets talk!

I love that Uhura, Sulu and Chekov lead the landing party, while Kirk, Spock and McCoy stay aboard ship, and the two stories work solidly together. Having said that, it just wasn’t the Trek story I was hoping for when I dug into it.

And that’s not the fault of the authors. I have so many books on the go, and am determined to read them all in order, that of course, some stories aren’t going to match my mood when I get to them.

But, for now, there will always be another adventure with Kirk and the rest waiting for me, and I will boldly go. Because the Human Adventure is just beginning.

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