Star Trek: Voyager (2000) – Child’s Play, and Good Shepherd

Captain’s log: stardate unknown

Raf Green pens the teleplay for this episode from a story by Paul Brown, it first aired on 8 March, 2000, and perhaps sees the departure of some (or all) of the annoying drone children.

The Voyager discovers one of the children’s home planets, the teen, Icheb (Manu Intiryami). Unfortunately Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) has discovered that she is suspicious of the boy’s parents (one of whom is Mark Sheppard), because of her own developing maternal instinct.

Despite the fact that we didn’t need yet another Seven of Nine episode – come on folks, there are more people aboard the ship – it’s a good story, and lets Ryan and Kate Mulgrew’s Janeway have some nice character moments.

Seven, who may be acting out of what she thinks are good instincts serving only to protect Icheb, and his future, comes into conflict with Janeway over this, as she reminds her crewmember that Icheb has a family already. A home. And parents who want him back.

His parents attempt to reconnect with Icheb, and it’s obvious he belongs with them, but will Seven be able to let him go. And will Icheb want this as well? And if he is offered a chance to make a difference with his people?

And what if there are lies and secrets being kept on both sides? And his parents may not be as honest and earnest as they appear to be, especially concerning their son. So perhaps we’ll be stuck with all the kids for awhile longer yet.

It’s a solid episode, but again, I’m starting to suffer from a bit of Seven of Nine fatigue. Could someone else have the spotlight please?


Captain’s log: stardate 53753.2

Dianna Gitto and Joe Menosky pen this episode from a story by Gitto. It debuted on 15 March, 2000.

A trio of crewpeople have less than stellar reports, and are hampering the efficiency of the Voyager crew. To remedy this, Janeway elects to spend some time with them, and take them on an away mission with her.

We are introduced to Tal (Zoe McLellan), Telfer (Micheal Reisz), and Harren (Jay Underwood). It’s nice to see other characters who aren’t the main crew getting a moment, and it’s a fun story that shows us other members of the crew.

There’s a bit of the Next Gen episode Lower Decks and Voyager’s own Learning Curve.

Janeway shows that she’s good with all of her crew, and fosters all of them as they need it, also showing that knows as much as she needs to about each of them, and of course, by episode’s end, they finally create a bonding as a team, and show that they are part of the crew.

The Human Adventure continues Thursday with another pair of episodes from Star Trek: Voyager – The Complete Series on DVD. The set is now available from Paramount Canada!

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