Battlestar Galactica 4: The Young Warriors (1980) – Robert Thurston and Glen A. Larson

Robert Thurston delivers a full length novel based on a single episode of Battlestar Galactica. His previous novels had encompassed double episodes, but despite that, Thurston delivers a strong story, that takes the episode The Young Lords, and layers out and tells almost a completely different story, while still giving us the same basic tale….

Star Trek: Voyager (2000) – Child’s Play, and Good Shepherd

Captain’s log: stardate unknown Raf Green pens the teleplay for this episode from a story by Paul Brown, it first aired on 8 March, 2000, and perhaps sees the departure of some (or all) of the annoying drone children. The Voyager discovers one of the children’s home planets, the teen, Icheb (Manu Intiryami). Unfortunately Seven…