Tiamat’s Wrath (2019) – James S.A. Corey

I say this every time I review one of these books. I love them! I love travelling with this crew, I love the way the story gets doled out, the way not only the action beats play out, but the emotional ones as well.

And this book, literally had me cheering, laughing and weeping. After eight volumes, a cluster of novellas as well as a brief comic run, these characters have become friends, people I travel with, fight with, and treasure.

Tiamat’s Wrath continues the story set up in the previous book as the Laconian Empire takes control of the ring gates, and imposes its will on all of the worlds. Our beloved Rocinante is still in mothballs, tucked away near Freehold, and our beloved crew are split up by their actions and those of Duarte and his Laconian Empire.

Holden remains a prisoner, Bobbie and Alex are on a ship of their own trying to make a fight against the Laconians, Amos is missing, and Naomi is stuck in hiding, trying to help organize a resistance against the Laconians.


We are introduced to new characters, bump into ones we’ve encountered before, and we are forced to say goodbye to some of them.

Everything and everyone fills out this universe and we discover very quickly that the stakes are climbing. We learn that some of the ships over the past few books that have gone Dutchman after passing through a ring gate may in fact be taken by some form of alien intelligence, perhaps the designers of the protomolecule or something else, and when the Laconians take action against the presence ‘between’ the gates, they notice, and strike back.

Is it an intelligence striking back at them? Is it just a programming of the gates? We don’t know, but either thought is terrifying and humanity may face new dangers, and not just from themselves.

It took me a while to actually settle in and read this. Not because it’s long, or slow reading, rather the contrary. I don’t want it to end, I want to take my time with the characters, the moments, because I know book nine is a ways off yet and that it is also, most likely the last in the series.

So I started it, put it aside for a bit, and then, unable to resist, I plunged wholeheartedly into it, and devoured it hungrily, and as always, it left me wanting more. I love these characters, this world.

And this one messed with me, there’s a reveal that messed with me, broke my heart, and angered me. I had to pause in my reading, to recover, but as always these novels make everything work, the reveals, the heartaches, the action… and I recovered, and am now lining up for more.

Next book please!

Have you read them yet? SO GOOD!


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