The Marvel Book (2019) – Stephen Wiacek

The DK Big Idea series from DK Canada are constantly fascinating, jam-packed with information, pictures, and a well thought out structure to guide one through the subject’s history, I have raved about The Star Trek Book, as well as The Movie Book, and now, I’m about to do the same for The Marvel Book.

To completely document the Marvel Universe as portrayed in decades worth of comics would take a far more massive tome than this one, that earns pride of place on my bookshelf, but it is an indepth exploration of the characters, locations, situations, multiverses, timelines and how they all mesh and interact with one another.

Featuring art and covers from decades of comics the book gues us through the Celestials, Prime Earth, the countless characters, Xavier’s X-men, the Avengers (their countless line-ups and geographic locations), and there is so much more. If all you’ve done is seen the movies, or television series, or only skimmed Marvel titles over the years, get ready for a deep dive.

There are so many characters, arcs, and events that have populated the Marvel Universe, and if they had an impact on the Universe it’s in here. Civil War I & II? Check. The Skrulls, better believe it. Secret Warriors, all there.


This book combines everything that fans love, binding it in one fantastic bound edition, and it’s suitable for all levels of fans, from those who can walk through the legions of mutants naming them and their powers, to those who are still learning to figure out what A.I.M. or the Ten Realms is.

The research in this book is top-notch and Wiacek makes it accessible, smart, enjoyable, and never forgetting the ‘reality’ of the fictional universe that makes up Marvel. Everything is indexed, easily sourced, and packed with information, coupled with fantastic art that shows and reminds the reader how incredible comic art is, and how it has changed over the decades.

In fact, the very existence of this book is demonstrative of how much comic books in general, and the Marvel Universe specifically have changed and grown since its early days through to the present. And Wiacek revels in the realms, the characters, and his love of the subject matter is present in the prose of each page.

The Marvel Book is a handy labor of love, created for fans of any level of knowledge, and serves as a testament for what Marvel has made, and the effect it has had on not only the world of pop culture but on the world as a whole.

A fantastic read!

Pick it up for yourself, or the Marvel fan in your life. DK Books has done it again, and this book is a fantastic additiom to any pop culture library.


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