Toronto After Dark 2019: Mutant Blast (2018) – Fernando Alle

The second feature of Zombie Night for the Toronto After Dark film festival is this entry from Portugal, which, when coupled with iconic cult production company Troma feels like a VHS throwback to science fiction horror that is so bad that it comes around to good, and is threatening to go bad again.

Filled with absurd and gory moments this one feels like a VHS tape you found in your older brother’s machine and don’t quite know what to make of it, but you don’t stop watching.

I’m not even where to start with this one, except to say that a young rebel, Maria (Maria Leite) pairs up with a Pedro (Pedro Barao Dias) recovering from a night of drunken debauchery (that was interrupted by a zombie attack).


There are now zombies (though apparently they are not zombies) everywhere, and the government decides to release a nuclear blast… one that causes even more problems for our would be heroes.

From there, as they try to escape to the rebel hold a number of strange and gory things happen, and without spoilers it’s a odd mashup of things, giant lobsters, sword carrying dolphins, giant rats, mutants a plenty, bodybuilders who walk funny, and oh so much blood.

This one is capital O Out There, and it’s just so over the top and absurd you just kind of settle in and let it wash over you, but you definitely want to rinse afterwards as it feels it may stain.

This one may be a bit divisive for the After Dark crowd, of course, now that you can get spirits and beer at the Scotiabank Theater that may help. Of course, there is also a huge crowd that loves Troma films, and this definitely counts as one.

So check this one out, buckle up, settle in, and just prepare yourself for, well, I can’t say what. But it’s a ride.

Mutant Blast has its Toronto Premiere tonight at the Scotiabank Theater. Just be prepared, and I will see you After Dark.


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