Toronto After Dark 2019: The Odd Family – Zombie On Sale (2019) – Lee Min-jae

After the brilliant Train to Busan, how can Toronto After Dark possibly follow up? With another South Korean zombie film, which kicks off Zombie Night tonight at the Scotibank Theater, but this time infuse the blood, the undead, and the gore with a lot of humor in The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale.

Wonderfully goofy, this zombie film takes some of the usual undead expectations, and adds a twist, or perhaps it’s just a delay on them.

Set in a small town in Korea, we are introduced to the Park family, living and working out of a now defunct gas station, they are just trying to make ends meet. And when a strangle young man shuffles into town in typical zombie fashion they may just have found their new cash cow.

It seems the young man’s bite has a bit of a de-aging effect and all of the older folk are keen to line up for a bite.


The audience knows that something is going to go wrong, it has to, the word zombie is right there in the title. The film draws out the moment, setting up the goofy characters of the family, their interactions, the hint of a love story, and an impending childbirth.

But when things go sideways, and they will (the word zombie is right there in the title!) will the family be able to set aside their petty squabbles and jealousies to unite and fight the rising apocalypse, which may in fact be all their fault (with a little help for a Bio Company, of course)?

Goofy, occasionally bloody, and filled with laugh out loud moments, this is one that if you can get into, you’re going to have a great time with. And I think this one is primed to be a crowd pleaser for the Toronto After Dark crowd.

Absurd, gentle, hilarious, occasionally cartoonishly violent, The Odd Family gives us another unique take on the zombie film… or at least the first half of it is unique, the second half is flat out horror comedy as the apocalypse spreads, leading to a fun ending that sees the Park family discovering their true purpose.

Toronto After Dark continues to bring odd and strange films to their festival, and that is the highest of compliments, because otherwise so many of us wouldn’t be able to see these unique and entertaining films.

Zombie Night, part of the Toronto After Dark film festival shuffles into Scotiabank Theater tonight!

What will you be watching After Dark?




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