Miami Vice (1989) – To Have and to Hold, and Miami Squeeze

The final season of Miami Vice continues this week as we bid farewell to a couple of characters. To Have and to Hold was written by William Conway, and debuted on 10 February, 1989.

The episode sees the final apparance of Sonny Crockertt’s (Don Johnson) ex-wife Caroline (Belinda Montgomery) and his son, Billy (Clayton Barclay Jones).

Sonny takes some time off to go help his son through Caroline’s new pregnancy, springing from her new marriage, while Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Micheal Thomas) begins to fall in love with the widow of a slain drug dealer, Maria Pendroza (Elpidia Carrillo).

The guest stars also include Miguel Ferrer.

The episode continues to explore the fact that Crockett, Tubbs and a number of other members of the team are starting to feel the wear and question their choices on the job, and whether they should throw in the towel.

Both characters are dealing with problems of the heart this week, though Tubbs’ is definitely job related, and his is going to be a tough one as the drug dealer’s family is violent, and all hate one another.

Sonny, meanwhile, has to talk to Billy about dealing with the situation he’s in, and learning to accept his new family.

Music featured in this episode includes Bete Noire by Bryan Ferry, and Carry Me (Like a Fire in My Heart) by Chris de Burgh.


Miami Squeeze was written by Peter MCabe and Tedd Mann from a story by McCabe, Mann and Robert Ward, It first aired on 17 February, 1989.

Crockett and Tubbs are getting tired of all the bloodshed on the job as they try to stop dandified English drug dealer, Sebastian Ross (Robert Joy) shipments. To help them, Crockett recruits young ex-DEA agent, Joey Hardin (Justin Lazard), last scene in Line of Fire, to help.

There’s also an expansion of the personal problems all of the team are suffering from. Crockett is going to see a shrink, and Castillo (Edward James Olmos) may be being set up by someone who could be involved with Ross, it all ties into Congresswoman Madelyn Woods (Rita Moreno) – watch for Peter Nelson as her aide… he was Brian in V, and it took me a moment to realize it was him!

The setup of Castillo almost costs the lieutenant his life and gets Crockett focuses on the job just a little longer.

Despite the fact that the series has lots son of its edge, and no longer feels as gritty as it did, it does however convey the increasing wear that the characters are going through. If the show had remained as edgy through its final seasons, the exhaustion the characters were feeling may have been more poignant.

Music includes Work On It by Chris Rea, and Hard Left by Gary Clail and Tackhead.

The casework continues next week as season five carries on towards it’s now, seemingly, inescapable conclusion.


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