Star Trek: Voyager (1998) – Hunters, and Prey

Captain’s log: stardate 51501.4

Jeri Taylor pens this episode that first aired on 11 February, 1998. After briefly introducing the Hirogen in the previous episode, this one brings them right to the fore, as the Voyager enters Hirogen space and finds all manner of grief. They are like the Predator of the Star Trek universe, all there is for them is the hunt.

But, also tying in with the previous episode, the Voyager crew begins to receive messages from home. Unfortunately, the messages are held in a Hirogen communicator array, and this simply complicates problems for Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and the rest.

Neelix (Ethan Phillips) serves as mail carrier, and the episode contains some poignant moments as characters hear from families and loved ones for the first time in four years. They also learn about the Dominion and the conflict in the Alpha Quadrant.

Harry (Garrett Wang) spends most of the episode stewing and worrying about getting his first letter, he’s anxious to hear from home.

All this is counter balanced by the growing threat of the Hirogen, who have arrived on the scene and abducted Tuvok (Tim Russ) and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) while they work on the array.

It’s a great episode, introducing a new threat, bolstering it with a number of emotions about hearing from home, and continuing to let the characters develop and grow. And no sooner do they get a connection to home than it is ripped away by their own actions to save themselves.

Great episode.


Captain’s log: stardate 51852.3

Brannon Braga pens this episode that sees the Hirogen return, it first aired on 18 February, 1998.

Janeway and the Voyager rescue an injured Hirogen who wants to finish his hunt, he is after a member of Species 8472, that has come aboard the Starfleet vessel. And through the course of events, Janeway has a chance to teach Seven a little bit about compassion.

Tony Todd makes an appearance as the Alpha Hirogen, and is buried under lots of prosthetics, but you can’t mistake that voice anywhere. He brings a lot of gravity and believability¬† to his character, and helps bring the species to life.

This gives us the opportunity to learn even more about the Hirogen, and they are very frightening from a Federation point of view. All the ever seem to be interested in is the Hunt, like I said above… the Predator of the Trek universe. Pairing them with the threat of Species 8472 makes the Gamma Quadrant seem a lot more dangerous, and scary… Sure, the Borg are still out there, but these two species are frightening.

Through the course of the episode there is some great stuff between Janeway and Seven, as they clash over what to do, and neither feels the other is right.

Next week the journey homeward continues as I explore Star Trek: Voyager – The Complete Series on DVD from Paramount Canada. The Human Adventure continues…

Boldly go.


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