Star Trek: Timetrap (1988) – David Dvorkin

Space, the final frontier.

David Dvorkin pens another Trek novel, and this one is a huge step up from his previous effort The Trellisane Confrontation, although the climax of the book plays out pretty quickly once it’s reached. The idea is well executed.

The in-story continuity suggests the novel takes place after The Voyage Home, though there is no mention of Spock’s recent return to life. Under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, the U.S.S. Enterprise responds to a distress call from a Klingon ship.

Kirk leads the away team to the ship to attempt a rescue, but the ship seemingly explodes, taking the stalwart captain with it!  But Kirk wakes up to find himself transported one hundred years into the future on a colony of Klingons.

But these aren’t the Klingons Kirk has always known, they tell a story of peace between the Federation and the Empire, and how the Starfleet captain helped to broker it. He even meets a Klingon historian, Kalrind who he realizes he is falling on love with.


The time travel story is handled very well, and while Spock, McCoy and the rest learn to deal with the loss of the captain, the Vulcan, now the acting captain of the Enterprise discovers a massive conspiracy within the Federation, and there are spies everywhere.

I really enjoyed this one, though the idea of New Klingons is a little silly, but it serves as a solid gateway into the story. There are some very recognizable Trek and character moments. I like how Kirk deals with the things he has been exposed to, putting aside his own prejudices and beginning to accept the possibility that there could be a peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

But, seeing as this was released before Star Trek VI, even before Star Trek V, and The Next Generation has just finished up season one, the book couldn’t make big sweeping changes like the story had the potential for, instead, you know by its end that they have to be back where they started, but the way it works out is pretty well executed.

Still despite the back to zero that the story has to have by its end, I really enjoyed this entry, I just wish the climax hadn’t played out so quick. Honestly, this one could have been turned into one of the Giant Novels with a little more layering out of the conspiracy, more of the time travel story, and then of course the final confrontation between the two fleets, and the resolution.

The Human Adventure continues and it can be a lot of fun…

Boldy go.


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