Star Trek: The IDIC Epidemic (1988) – Jean Lorrah

The Human Adventure continues as I return to the Pocket Book collection of Star Trek novels, While they are non-canon, the writing is definitely becoming stronger, and there are more attempts to reference things that we know have happened (or will).

Set during the original five year mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise, this novel serves as a bit of a continuation of the story the author penned in The Vulcan Academy Murders.

On the planet of galactic peace, Nisus (not Numbus III) a number of scientists from all manner of races within the Federation, and few outside of it, have come together in a scientific community to discover, and create.

Unfortunately, they have been hit with an epidemic that is spreading from person to person, and isn’t confined to specific species. Everyone seems capable of catching this thing, and as new strains appear, lives are claimed, and violence is threatening to break out.


The Enterprise is summoned from a diplomatic ferrying mission, to lend aid, assisted by some characters we first met in Vulcan Academy Murders, and events threaten to spin out of control even for the most qualified and exemplary crew in Starfleet.

Disaster strikes when Spock’s mother, Amanda, who is aboard with husband, Ambassador Sarek, is infected, and the disease finds its way aboard the Enterprise, thanks to another problem facing Captain Kirk.

It seems, Kirk, McCoy, and Spock will have their hands full this time around. Not only them, but the rest of the crew, including newly recruited doctor, Geoffrey M’Benga.

There is a lot going on in this novel, enough in fact for a couple of them, and consequently none of them are as fully developed as they should be, instead, everyone just seems to tumble from one incident to another, until everything comes to a climax in the last few pages of the book during a natural disaster.

Overall, this is fairly entertaining Trek adventures, though I felt that it spent way too much time with the ancillary characters created just for the novel. I don’t mind occasionally checking in with them, but when I read a Star Trek: The Original Series story, I want my familiar friends to be the centerpiece.

Still the Human Adventure continues and the Pocket Book novels are still just getting underway at this point, there are so many more adventures to come. I cannot wait to see where I travel to next.

Boldy go…




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