Lego Star Wars: Visual Dictionary – New Edition (2019) – Simon Beecroft, Jason Fry, Simon Hugo

I’ve raved about Lego, and Star Wars on this blog a number of times over the course of this blog, and digging into DK Canada’s new edition of its brilliant Lego Star Wars: Visual Dictionary just fires up the imagination again.

The new version has added material, and talks about the twenty year relationship between that fantastic space opera and those wonderful constructing toys. The book is broken into five sections, taking us through The Fall of the Republic (The Prequel Trilogy and The Clone Wars), The Galactic Civil War (The Original Trilogy, Rebels, Rogue One and Solo), The Rise of the First Order (The New Trilogy), Special Sets, and a look at what goes into making Lego, the designs, and some amazing fan creations.

Working my way through this book all I could think is, Lego! Send me some Star Wars sets to review!!

Filled with great pictures, as well as breakdowns on the differences in variations of some characters… there are a multitude of versions of Luke, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Han, Leia, and so many others. And one little detail can change its value, and also tell you what set it specifically belongs to.


Studying the timeline it’s amazing to see not only how Star Wars has progressed but how the Lego sets have changed, and multiplied. There are so many of them now, a new collector may have a hard time deciding where to start.

And that is one of the reasons why I currently content myself with just living vicariously through the brilliant, colorful images in this expansive, enjoyable book.

Lego, and Star Wars, at their heart, both embrace the imagination, and the love of the fantastic. I can’t even begin to tell you how many different creations I made with my Lego, not only for my Star Wars and Star Trek adventures, but countless others as well.

Some of the available sets are nothing short of stunning. They are intricate pieces of pop culture art that also double as amazing playsets. The book takes its time showcasing each one, some even earning full page spreads to show us all the amazing details.

Lego has enchanted everyone for decades, and their attention to fun, and detail have proven that they are a perfect partner for Star Wars.

For the collector, there’s a nice little bonus as well, a new Finn minfigure from The Last Jedi. That’s a great reason for Lego collectors and Star Was fans to pick this one up. I’ve already been through it thrice, and know that I am going to go through it again, and again. I just love looking at the images and revisiting the little blurbs that give away fun little details; the way these pieces have come together to form things that have become so iconic, and such a huge part of my life.

DK Books, Lego and Star Wars a great combination, and if you don’t believe me, pick up this one, and have a look at some of the other amazing Lego Star Wars books that are available!

Happy collecting! Happy building! And may the force be with you…

And hey Lego, who do I talk to about some of these sets?




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