Smallfoot (2018) – Blu-Ray

Coning home on blu-ray today from Warner Brothers is the family film Smallfoot. Boasting an all-star cast including Channing Tatum, Danny DeVito, James Corden, Zendaya, Common and LeBron James, the family film is definitely one that will keep younger viewers entertained during the holiday season.

Featuring songs and tons of visual gags the story follows a Yeti aka Abominable Snowman aka BigFoot, Migo (Tatum) who questions the rules and laws of his mountain world when he encounters a human, a smallfoot.

The young Yeti goes off in search of the truth, when he is banished from the village, and as he tries to find a place in a world where beliefs and facts don’t mesh he encounters Percy (Corden) a young human, who may be able to help Migo find his way back to the world he loves.

Percy has his own problems, however, as he is a host of an animal program, and is planning on exploiting the Yeti legend for his own success… wackniess inevitably follows, and younger viewers will love it.

Light, fluffy, silly and with the snow, perfect holiday fare to keep the kiddies busy while parents entertain or prep things for that holiday visitor.


The disc includes a sing-a-long version, there is a short, a fun look at how the story came together, music videos, and trailers.

While the film plays lightly, there is a fairly important message at work in the story, that of questioning and not just accepting something as true without evidence. The songs aren’t super-catchy, or memorable, and the character designs are fairly basic, but the story has an earnestness to it.

This one is definitely aimed at the kiddies, and while adults and parents may play “who’s doing that voice?” the kids may enjoy the fast-paced gags and nonsensical cartoon violence set against a nicely rendered computer generated landscape.

As school holidays draw closer, and things will be needed to keep the kids occupied during grown-up parties and dinners, and this one will no doubt, do the job for you. A gentle, silly film with a positive message at its heart, Small Foot is the perfect entertainment for the youngsters while the rest of us go seeking some holiday cheer.

Small Foot is available today from Warner Brothers on blu-ray and DVD, and makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the youngsters in your life. Pick one up today, and have a laugh with the kids in your life.




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