Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1996) – Crossfire, and Return to Grace

Station log: stardate unknown

Rene Echevarria pens the first episode up this week, which originally aired on 29 January, 1996.

First Minister Shakaar (Duncan Regehr) comes aboard the station, and complications ensue for Odo (Rene Auberjonois) as he must confront his feelingss for Major Kira (Nana Visitor) when she begins to fall in love with her former resistance leader.

All of this serves as a backdrop to the reveal that there may be an assassination plot to target Shakaar that puts Odo right in the middle of the developing romance. It lets all three characters grow and react within the structure of the story and relationships developing around them and the story tells it perfectly.

I tend to like the Odo stories, and this one is no different as it shares some great character moments, and reveals, especially in the continuing development of the Odo/Quark (Armin Shimerman) ‘friendship.’

There is also some good stuff between Odo and Worf (Micheal Dorn) as they begin to realize they are more alike than they initially thought.

It’s a solidly paced and scripted episode and also augments the Kira-Odo thing a little more. In fact the whole thing ends up being a wonderful character piece for Auberjonois and his portrayal of the resident shapeshifter.

It’s tough to follow-up the excellent two-parter from last week, but this one makes a good attempt, and it proves to be not only enjoyable, but good Trek.


Station log: stardate unknown

Tom Benko originated the story for this episode which was turned into a teleplay by Hans Beimler. It first aired on 5 February, 1996.

The issues with the Klingons continue to arise as a Bird of Prey attacks a conference about the Dominion being overseen by Bajoran and Cardassian representatives. Kira is in attendance, as is Dukat (Marc Alaimo) who has somewhat lowered in the eyes of the Cardassian government over the past few months due to his actions, especially those in the last episode he appeared in.

Dukat sees an opportunity to get in his people’s good graces again as he and Kira go off in pursuit of the Klingons. Even if it means going after them in the less than battle-worthy craft Dukat have been given command of.

The pair make a good team, and as one moves leads to another, the pair come across a wealth of Klingon intelligence and more! But is the Cardassian government going to listen to Dukat or will they shuffle him off to another position just to forget about him as they pursue a more diplomatic solution. But will Dukat go to far?

A solid episode and the pairing of Dukat and Kira continues to be smart writing; watching former enemies working together for a shared cause.

The Human Adventure continues Thursday as I travel with Voyager, and next week when I return to Deep Space Nine as I explore The Complete Series for both classic Trek programs now available from Paramount Pictures on DVD.



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