Star Trek: Voyager (1995) – Maneuvers, and Resistance

Captain’s log: stardate 49208.5

Kenneth Biller penned this Chakotay (Robert Beltran) episode that first aired on 20 November, 1995.

When the Voyager picks up a signal that is using Starfleet codes, they tumble right into a trap set by Seska (Martha Hackett) who after fleeing the starship has continued to align herself with the Kazon.

Coming aboard the ship, they steal some transporter technology, and escape with it. Furious at the behavior of a former friend, crew member, and lover, Chakotay sets off after Seska and the Kazon on his own.

… only to be captured.

The rest of the crew have to work on repairing the damage that Seska and her allies have done to the Voyager. They are determined to find Chakotay and reclaim the stolen technology. Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) is also furious with Chaoktay for going off on his own, and publicly defying her authority over the crew of the ship.

The episode, with its story resolved still delivers a bit of surprise for Chakotay before the story finishes. This, of course, will set up the possibility of Seska’s return in future episodes as the Voyager continues its journey through the Gamma Quadrant.

The story also gives us a little more insight to the Kazon, their rulers, their divisions, and some of their history. We also see that Seska is a master manipulator, and is attempting, in her way to ally and control some of the Kazon sects. She is also in the process of restoring her true Cardassian physiognomy.


Captain’s log: stardate unknown

Lisa Klink pens the teleplay for this episode from a story by Micheal Jan Friedman and Kevin J. Ryan. First airing on 27 November, 1995, it featured Joel Grey as a guest star.

With the Voyager running low on tellerium, Janeway, Tuvok (Tim Russ) and Torres (Roxann Dawson) travel to a nearby planet to purchase some. When they are arrested by the local government for conspiring with terrorists, janeway escapes, but is injured.

She finds herself in the care of Caylem (Grey), an aged resistance fighter who is senile and suffering from delusions, and believes Janeway to be his daughter. While not necessarily my favorite episode there is no denying the sheer powerhouse performances of both Mulgrew and Grey, and they work wonderfully together.

The Human Adventure continues next week as season four of Deep Space Nine, and season two of Voyager carries on, as I delve into The Complete Series for both classic shows, now available from Paramount Pictures.


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