Star Trek: Voyager (1999) – Latent Image, and Bride of Chaotica!

Captain’s log: stardate unknown Joe Menosky pens this episode from a story by Eileen Connors, Brannon Braga and himself. It first aired on 20 January, 1999. The Doctor (Robert Picardo) is troubled to learn that someone or something has tampered with his short term memory. As he investigates, he finds a string of memories and…

Star Trek: Voyager (1995) – Maneuvers, and Resistance

Captain’s log: stardate 49208.5 Kenneth Biller penned this Chakotay (Robert Beltran) episode that first aired on 20 November, 1995. When the Voyager picks up a signal that is using Starfleet codes, they tumble right into a trap set by Seska (Martha Hackett) who after fleeing the starship has continued to align herself with the Kazon….